Fibonacci’s Skeletons

Posted in Art & Design by Natalie on January 31, 2010

Don’t be afraid! There’s nothing to fear about these skeletons as they’re arranged according to Fibonacci’s Sequence, and are therefore pleasing to the eye.

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Posted in Miscellaneous by Natalie on January 31, 2010

Hey Everyone & Welcome to my new blog.

Let me start by saying that I am not this chick: While it’s unfortunate that we share a namesake, I cannot stress enough that we are, indeed, not one in the same. Although I too sometimes cry when Borimir dies at the end of Lord of the Rings…*sigh*

Next, I guess I’d like to explain a little of what this blog is going to be about. Well, it’s going to be quite a hodgepodge of posts. I’ll be including my own art and design work plus some photos I’ll be snapping here and there. I’ll also be adding various social/political/art critiques, links, and just general ramblings. Basically this blog is subject to anything media related. So, media + blog = mLog….get it?

Finally, I’m going to attempt to post on this blog a few times a week, but I will by no means be posting everyday…So, for all you potential readers out there (of which there are none right now), I’m sorry. But really there are other things in life to be doing and much better blogs to be reading, like this one.

So with that I’ll get started….Thanks for reading & Enjoy!

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