Cat Pong (Click to Play)

Posted in Art & Design, Personal Work by Natalie on April 20, 2010

Cat Pong from Natalie Sacco on Vimeo.

Here’s an animation I created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash. I made a symbol from an imported, live-traced Photoshop image (the wonderful cat head) and created the background in Illustrator. I was then able to animate it using Adobe Flash.


Gallery 72 – Branding Design Project

Posted in Art & Design, Personal Work by Natalie on April 13, 2010

For a recent  project I had the honor of working with an amazing team of classmates to develop an original (albeit hypothetical) brand. This involved developing our brand’s values, logo,  marketing tools, and website mock-up. I always enjoy working in teams. I think it’s valuable for creative minds of differing visions and opinions to come together to form a cohesive creation. So, without further ado I present you with our brand:

Gallery 72 is a virtual art gallery. Gallery 72 is intended to function as a platform for innovative, hip, and creative digital art. The gallery will assume a virtual space, with the user being able to navigate the gallery floor, viewing the different works. The art work is user-generated, but is displayed according to the current exhibition’s standards and theme, as chosen by the curators (owners). The fact that the gallery is curatorial lends credibility to the work being shown. Since it is an online gallery, all work is archived and accessible at later dates; allowing viewers access to past shows and artist work. The online platform also gives viewers and the artists a chance to interact through message boards and social networking. Gallery 72 is for everyone with internet access who is interested in exploring exciting, new media and art through a digital interface. We hope that Gallery 72 will also allow those without access to great art institutions (i.e. MoMA) a chance to be a part of this exciting new creative art process.

Here is a link to our logo treatments, marketing tools, business materials, and web page mock-up:


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