Facebook’s Marketing Relationship

Posted in Advertising by Natalie on October 3, 2011

Check on this informative article on what Facebook’s changes mean for marketers. Now that Facebook users have more control over what they see in their news feeds, marketers will need to encourage even more interactivity and sharing. No longer will marketers need consumers to just “Like” them, but they will need to shape their brand to fit into Facebook users’ lives and profiles. An advertisement will now be a part of someone’s story online. Marketing strategies for Facebook are turning our lives into increasingly detailed product placements. To sum it up:

…advertisers [need] to come up with compelling content and integrate themselves further into consumers’ lives.

…Jenna Lebel,managing director of strategy at Likeable Media, says the “Like” is “a little less relevant now,” and that marketers will have to work harder to earn their place in news feeds. “Your content is going to need to be absolutely amazing,” she says.

Yet another reason why effective art, design, and narrative is crucial when it comes to branding. Being boring just won’t do!

Via Mashable.

The Search for the Best Slogans is On…

Posted in Advertising, Art & Design by Natalie on September 27, 2011

Creative Review is on a hunt. A hunt for the best slogans ever. A while back they published a compilation of the best logos, and now they are taking their search a step further. More often than not, when a brand really resonates with us and becomes permanently seared into our brain, we don’t just remember the logo, we also remember the catchphrase. Slogans take a logo and concept one stop further in representing a brand’s values and goals. From the classics like, “Just Do It” to Heineken promo below, it seems like we can’t have one without the other. Really, they go together like peas and carrots, so it’s only fitting for CR to find the best and brightest slogans….and, they are asking for readers opinions.

Heineken Poster

Heineken Advertisement

Labour Poster

British Political Advertisement

Via Creative Review.

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