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WOW! Artworks all on their own. #Polaroid


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Historical Maps

Posted in Photography, Pittsburgh by Natalie on September 23, 2011
What Was There

Pittsburgh, PA

I’m totally loving this new site, What Was There, that joins Google Maps with historical photos of different cities, counties and states.  The team at What Was There sums up their mission best,

The WhatWasThere project was inspired by the realization that we could leverage technology and the connections it facilitates to provide a new human experience of time and space – a virtual time machine of sorts that allows users to navigate familiar streets as they appeared in the past.

The site depends on contributors, which allows for everyone and anyone to add a little bit to history. I think this can mean a lot for someone when, maybe, remembering their favorite hang out as a kid, or thinking of a place their grandparents used to talk about. The site is not only informative but personal. And, What Was There doesn’t just provide amazing black and white photographs, each image is accompanied by a short write up on the history of the location.

Here are some screen shots of my hometown, Pittsburgh:

Pittsburgh, PA

Close Up of Pittsburgh, PA

Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, PA

Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, PA

Luna Park, Pittsburgh, PA

Luna Park, Pittsburgh, PA

Forbes Field

Check out the Street View!

Need proof Graffiti is Art? Here you go…

Posted in Art & Design, Photography by Natalie on September 22, 2011

Check out this blog’s feature on Street Art in Europe. Great, stunning works featuring rich colors and textures. Plus, some moving images by Banksy.

Street Art

Street Art in Europe

(Via Light on the Rooftop)

Vienna’s Got the Right Idea

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Cycling in Vienna

Cycling in Vienna

“Bicycles will get you from A to B quicker than anything else in the city. They have many advantages over cars. Environmentally friendly (no exhaust fumes, no noise) they are a good way of keeping fit as well. They require little space so traffic jams are never a problem. No need to look out for parking space either.”

(Via Via Vienna)

New York State of Type

Posted in Art & Design, Photography by Natalie on March 10, 2010

While browsing one of my favorite sites, I came across this link for types found all over New York City. I think this is highly appropriate given the fact I am currently studying typography in class…Enjoy. (via Kottke)

NYC Typography

New Photos

Posted in Photography by Natalie on February 24, 2010

Check out some new photographs I’ve snapped over the past couple weeks while strolling through Brooklyn and the Burgh.

Eric Reichbaum Photography

Posted in Photography by Natalie on February 22, 2010

Check out Eric’s site for great pictures of various locales, events, and people around New York City and beyond. Eric’s photos are diverse, and he has a born knack for capturing his subject(s) at unusual and captivating angles, which results in creative compositions that engage the viewer. In addition, on his website he takes time to explain all the whats, hows, and whys for each of his photo shoots – a nice treat for the untrained and casual eye. Highlights: photographs of music events (if you have happen to wear anything made of hemp and/or shower less than 5 days a week, these are especially not to be missed) and the Brooklyn landscape.

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