Social Media Propaganda

Posted in Art & Design, Social Media by Natalie on November 17, 2011

This artist’s work combines two of my favorite things, design and social media. Aaron Wood creates World War style propaganda posters for social media wars. Pretty clever and convincing.

social media wars

Twitter poster

social media poster



Posted in Web by Natalie on September 24, 2011

Via Mashable

Conan’s on Twitter.

Posted in Art & Design, Personal Work by Natalie on March 3, 2010

A Photoshop exercise in Typography. I had a lot of fun with assignment (and it had nothing to do with Conan’s witty remark, although it is pretty awesome). I find working with type to be a challenging source of enjoyment. I had a limited amount of time to complete this, with the requirement being that I could only use the tools available in Photoshop. I have a slight issue with some of the leading in this design. I didn’t get a chance to go back and assure a congruous 48pt leading to account for the larger portions of text. But overall, I’m pretty happy with it.

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