Mechanics of the Day

Posted in Art & Design, Typography by Natalie on November 19, 2011

RE-BLOG FRIDAY! Happy Weekend!

The Graphic Side of Life

MEKKANIKA font by Riccardo Sabatini.

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Type Tuesday

Posted in Art & Design, Typography by Natalie on November 15, 2011

Your weekly dose of typography goodies:


Exclamation Comma: Just because you're excited about something doesn't mean you have to end the sentence.


Via FuckYeahFonts.


Gerren Lamson

Via Typography Daily.

I could do a whole other post on this last one. Great typography infused illustrations by Gerren Lamson.

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Type Tuesday (Via Wednesday)

Posted in Art & Design, Typography by Natalie on October 26, 2011

Sorry I’m late. I had car trouble….True story! My sincere apologies for bringing Typography Tuesday to you a day late, but I was dealing with tow trucks, dead batteries, dealerships, and warranties yesterday. Ugh. But without further ado here’s a few type tidbits:

typography poster

For Web Design Nerds

typography on media minded

The #9 on Lettercult

comic sans graph

Valuable Instructions

rainbow fonts

Rainbow Types

Beautiful Business Cards

Posted in Art & Design by Natalie on October 19, 2011

Business cards are a funny thing. In a world that is becoming increasingly more digital, and where one is forced to represent themselves more completely online, business cards are still kind of a big deal. It’s strange that in an era where “print is dead,” people still carry around these antiquated forms of representation. Sure they’re great to hand out while networking, or should I say, while drinking at your local bar (hey! whatever works), and for all those raffles at your favorite lunch-time eatery. But, even in this online culture, people still like to have something tangible to hold onto. The Web’s collective memory is short, and attention spans are thin. Perhaps this is why business cards still hold relevance today. We keep them packed in our wallet as a reminder of what we’ve seen or heard, and whom we’ve met and wish to see again.

Furthermore, I am a fan of print and would love nothing more to see its resurgence. For that reason, while I sit here and ponder the importance of the business card today, I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of the design of these cards. I’d like nothing more than to tack some of these up on my bulletin board next to all those greeting cards I collect 🙂

Type Tuesday

Posted in Art & Design, Typography by Natalie on October 18, 2011

I’ve officially declared every Tuesday is now TYPE TUESDAY, and will here-to-forth be dedicated to fascinating, beautiful, captivating, clever, just plain awesome typography design. Enjoy!

Jorge Lawerta

Jessie Glass

Inspirational Type

Fuck Yeah Helvetica

Inspiration for this came from this awesome round up of Typography blogs.

Monster Type – RAWR

Posted in Art & Design by Natalie on October 18, 2011

typography on media minded

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Word as Image – Animated Typography

Posted in Art & Design, Typography, Video by Natalie on October 13, 2011

This video acts as a trailer for a book by Ji Lee, which, you guessed it, visually turns words into images. The concept is actually pretty simple once you see it action. Check out the trailer below (my favorites are inflation and silicon).


Also, speaking of Ji Lee, I have to mention her Bubble Project. This is SO clever yet simple. I love it!

Bubble Project - Ji Lee

Click through the link above for more images!

Conan’s on Twitter.

Posted in Art & Design, Personal Work by Natalie on March 3, 2010

A Photoshop exercise in Typography. I had a lot of fun with assignment (and it had nothing to do with Conan’s witty remark, although it is pretty awesome). I find working with type to be a challenging source of enjoyment. I had a limited amount of time to complete this, with the requirement being that I could only use the tools available in Photoshop. I have a slight issue with some of the leading in this design. I didn’t get a chance to go back and assure a congruous 48pt leading to account for the larger portions of text. But overall, I’m pretty happy with it.

Typography in Branding

Posted in Art & Design by Natalie on February 24, 2010

I think typography is one of those aspects of design that largely goes unnoticed, unless of course it’s really bad. But in almost every design equation you can be sure that words are a part of the formula. According to Design Basics Index by Jim Krause, typography becomes a sort of obsession for those designers who focus their time and energy to achieving the most appropriate and effective serif. And, having heard first hand of the perfectionist nature of designers (and even experienced my own inability to just walk away from an ongoing project), I don’t doubt this for a second. So this week, while thinking about typography and design I tried to just focus on the things I see everyday.

Now, this idea came to me as I was zoning out while working at a certain retail establishment in the city. Instead of actually listening to the customer bitching about the hangers (Um, yes ma’am, they’re what we use to hang clothes), I was trying to think of just what type of type I was going write about. And then it suddenly occurred to me; the light bulb floating above head suddenly turned on – labels. Labels and branding are a prime example of typography and probably one of the most active and out there representations. I spend hours each week looking at these logos – most notably the name of the store itself and it’s sister companies. All highly recognizable and reflective of the atmosphere they aim to cultivate within each store.

Anthropologie services the high-end customer while at the same time striving for a very bohemian look (paradox? yes. but that’s the fashion, people.). Their logo is whimsical, yet tailored. The sketchy quality is balanced by the rich looking design feature and straight-forward font of the brand.

Free People tends to cater to a younger crowd. This is inherent in the logo’s loose and free font. It fits the hippie-dippy feel of the clothing it’s stamped on. In addition, nothing says teenager like a dragonfly graphic.

Last, but surely not least, Urban Outfitters. Urban Inc. is the parent company within which all of these stores fall, and Urban Outfitters is its most recognizable store. Urban bridges the gap between the young aesthetic of Free People and the chic, sophistication of Anthropologie to bring a hip, urban sense of style that capitalizes on anything within the pop culture stratosphere and peddles it to it’s customers as something uniquely artsy. This logo design for a back-to-school line is a prime example. Urban wants to visually overload their customers, so we think we’re looking at something new and one-of-a-kind. And they’re highly successful at achieving just that – their logo, aesthetic, design is…cool.

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