Who’s in charge here?

WOW! Looking back at what I wrote in the Fall of 2009 I have to reflect on how far I’ve come and all that’s changed in just 2 short years:


Welcome to mLog! A little about myself…I’m a Pittsburgh native residing in Brooklyn while I receive my MA in Media Studies. This blog was created for the class Media Practices: Design, which I’m currently taking as a part of the graduate program at The New School. However, I’m also hoping it will be a way for me to lend my voice to certain design and media-related issues as this is what my area of study is at the moment.  So far this has been a great tool in helping me think through certain design issues, and I hope it’s at least slightly entertaining. You can also read my Welcome Post, which explains a little more about myself and the blog. Please post a comment or shoot me an email ( to let me know if there is anything worth adding/changing to make it better, or if you just feel like saying hello.

I think this statement is due for some updating!

Well, first of all, I changed the name of this blog (although, the domain is still the same) to Media Minded – just felt it was a little more descriptive and creative. Also, it should be noted, I am no longer a graduate student! I received my Master’s in Media Studies and Management from The New School in May 2011. Since then I have moved back to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, and have been on the seemingly never-ending job hunt. But, in my free time (when I should be filling out more applications and sending out more resumes) I’m trying to still devote time to this blog. I stepped away from it for awhile, but now I’m back – with a vengeance! Really, now that I’m no longer studying each day, I feel this blog acts as motivation to keep me focused and up-to-date on media-related things happening around me – keeps my brain working so to speak. The blog is still devoted to pretty much anything and everything media related; whether that be fine art, design, social media, the Web, etc. it can be featured on here. I’m just trying to share cool things I find with cool people.

So again, I hope you all enjoy it! And feel free to drop me line or comment to let me know how I’m doing!




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