The Future of the Business Card

Posted in Technology, Web by Natalie on January 23, 2012

Just finished reading this interesting article via Mashable that’s a nice follow-up to a post I wrote back in October on business cards. While traditional business cards can be a great vehicle for design and creativity the truth is that one day they will be obsolete. And, with apps such as Bump and LinkedIn’s Cardmunch (not to  mention the prevalence of smart phones), that future may be just around the corner.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the business card as a whole (currently, 10 billion business cards are printed annually – that’s a lot!), it does mean a re-shaping, or re-imagining, will need to take place. How will the business card adapt to avoid extinction? Mainly, how can designers re-invent the business card so that it is readable and translates well into a pre-configured application? Time will have to tell…


Life’s a Happy Song

Posted in Video, Web by Natalie on November 21, 2011

Karl’s Diary

Posted in Video, Web by Natalie on November 16, 2011

These videos from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant about their friend, Karl Pilkington, kill me. You can also see their new show on the Discovery Channel, An Idiot Abroad – awesome! Watch, and try not to laugh!

Data Art

Posted in Social Media, Web by Natalie on October 27, 2011

data visualization

As I’m sure you can tell by now,  I’m a fan of the infographic. And these visually stunning data visualizations take the infographic to a whole new level – one could say,  a more artistic one. These graphics were compiled by Wired Editor Thomas Goetz using various artists to help in the project. The results are an online exhibition of fancy infographics and animations depicting online behavior. Goetz sums up the idea best,

“Basically, I wanted to use the digital medium of the web to show data visualization – to show it in a new and robust way,” he says. “I landed on showing how digitalized people’s lives are, through Skype, tweets and Facebook – the part of our lives we do online.”

And, it’s true. We tend to forget that online activities have a history to them. Even if we consistently clear our cache, the analytics behind our behaviors remains – making digital communications fascinatingly traceable and visualized.

The images and animations are derived from data centering on 3 themes: Wikipedia as a crowd-sourced network; how Twitter’s platform of followers, interactions and re-tweeting ranks its various users; and the “impact and fluidity of an online financial social network” – read more about it here.

data visualization


Posted in Web by Natalie on October 26, 2011

Emailology: The Science of Looking Good in the Inbox” is a web guide to designing and developing email newsletters. How useful!

Check it out here.

Facebook > LinkedIn

Posted in Social Media, Web by Natalie on October 10, 2011

For all those hunting for a job out there, apparently when it comes to seeking out a potential candidate, recruiters prefer Facebook over LinkedIn – especially when it comes to recent college graduates. Mashable spoke with research lab, Potentialpark about their findings from a survey of 30,000 students and recent grads.

Not surprisingly, the job seekers weren’t too keen on having employers check them out on Facebook. However, recruiters feel that these hopeful young professionals are not only more active and engaging on Facebook than LinkedIn, but Facebook is better for branding, it’s free, and it’s more open.

While I agree with this logic, I don’t think this holds true for a large majority of the population – in practice. Knowing that LinkedIn is meant for employment networking, I am sure to appropriately and relevantly represent myself for this purpose. Furthermore, my Facebook profile doesn’t contain any of my design work or past employment history…and I don’t want it to. Because while I may want recruiters to see this information, I don’t particularly want some rando I went to high school with to see it. The bottom line is Facebook provides an incomplete history – much to Zuckerberg’s and recruiters dismay.


Posted in Web by Natalie on September 24, 2011

Via Mashable

Google Doodles

Posted in Web by Natalie on September 6, 2011

Agghh, I’ve been terrible at keeping up with this blog. However, when I revisited it on a whim recently, I noticed that it received a surprising amount of visitors 🙂  Now, considering most people wound up here because they were searching for things like, “car advertisements,” I’m pretty sure once they saw the crying babies collage below, they steered their attention elsewhere. But hey, whatever, at least someone’s looking! (And, apparently I should write about how crappy car ads are more often!)

Anyway, so I guess I’ve decided to get back in the game a little. And what better way than to talk about today’s Google Doodle. Google has really been stepping up their game lately in terms of the interactivity of their infamous Doodles. From this summer’s Lucille Ball and Les Paul tributes, Google continues to showcase why they are leaders in innovation on the web. No longer just pleasurable visuals for the eye, their doodles have now taken on a whole new level of complexity, creativity, and excitement. And today’s Freddie Mercury Doodle is no exception. Well done, Google. (And, nice song choice!)

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